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Ramadan Murbarak!

Ramadan is the holy month when Muslims fast and try to perform thawab (good deeds rewarded by Allah). The person fasting is not supposed to eat before iftar (breaking the fast with dates), or lie, speak wrong about anyone behind their backs or do anything that is morally incorrect.

The experience is very distinctive. A person may see other men coming as brothers, irrespective of color, status or anything else, shoulder to shoulder for namaz (prayer). There is a feeling of peace within the soul. As the imam leading the namaz performs sajda (prostration) and recites the prayers, other do the same behind him.
A unique sense of mental peace is experienced, something that takes a man away from this world for some moments, when he feels God’s presence with him.
Through each entire day of Ramadan, every Muslim should try to find an opportunity where he can do something good for others.
Photo: Jama Mosque, Delhi — Photograph 2005 (c) Alex Furr, Via Wikimedia Commons.

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