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The Fifth Great Lesson: History of Math
The Fifth Great Lesson: The Story of Numbers

The last of the five great lessons is also called the History of Mathematics. Montessori’s fifth great lesson tells the story of the beginning of math and geometry. Starting with one to one correspondence, it takes us through the development of numerals, the discovery of zero, the invention of modern geometry, and finally how the binary number system is used to run modern computers.
Check out the video and just imagine if we all were to learn math this way. Perhaps none of our children would ever hear the phrase, “I’m not good at math.”
This lesson leads to the study of:
Mathematics: operations, fractions, decimals, multiples, squares, cubes, percentages, ratio, probability, intro to algebra
Numbers: origins of numbers and systems, bases, types of numbers, scientific notation, mathematicians
Geometry: congruency, similarity, nomenclature of lines, angles, shapes, solids, measurement, theorems
Application: story problems, measurement, estimation, graphs, patterning, rounding, money concepts
Source: and ETC Montessori

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